business due diligence

Checking carefully protects against hassle and costs.

The art of creating the data-room

The art of creating the data-room is to only present as much information as necessary for the process instead of placing the whole enterprise "into the shop-window". Especially as a seller it is indispensable to create a valid, well-structured data-room containing all relevant information about the company.

The match to the business plan must be obvious. If an in-depth examination of an offered data space has to be accomplished, Prospecting Partners is able to conduct the Commercial-DD, Operational-DD and the Financial-DD itself. For the Legal-DD we involve economic lawyers from our close collaboration partners. In close cooperation with the management we answer questions from prospective customers and select their options.

When examining the own data-room, it is necessary to quickly identify the critical points. They give a clear picture of where the company stands economically. Of course buyers and sellers experience that differently - we moderate this process with extensive experience from both sides.