post-merger integration

Pull together, but also in the same direction.                  

After the game is before the game.

After the game is before the game! A decision was made and implemented. Now the essential work begins with the examination whether on paper written results are visible in the statement or not. Initially nothing runs by itself.

Many employees will remain under cover and wait at the beginning. It is a necessary step to set up a project or program management in terms of a multi-project management. Thus, task packages are determined and milestones defined. In this context Prospecting Partners acts as a project manager. However, more is needed for a successful implementation. Within the meaning of Change Management, it is important to take every single employee on the journey. Teams now have to be “packed” emotionally and persuasive efforts are necessary. Prospecting Partners works with all the elements of team building.

We turn affected persons into involved persons quickly. We help companies to raise the desired synergies - even if they are linked to personnel measures.